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Scholars Abroad offers international volunteer and internship opportunities in more than 30 different countries across Asia, Africa, Europe and Latin/Central America. Our main goal is to provide affordable and adventurous volunteer abroad opportunities. We are a unique intercultural and educational organization that tailors experience for young academic people to develop their careers. Our each and every program promotes intercultural exchanges for volunteers to learn about other parts of world in a meaningful way and helps young graduates to build strong foundations for their future career.

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Our Volunteer Opportunities

Interning and volunteering abroad is a great opportunity to boost your resume, gain skills and have real world experience, and engage in meaningful cultural exchange. We are here to provide you everything you’ll need to succeed in your career. Just let us know you are interested and we will come back to you with details to full fil your interest.


Scholars Abroad works closely with community development partners, local hospitals, medical college, community schools and local user groups to support in urgent need of the least development community. We want our volunteers and interns to be included to your association and to live an exchange with your members and community.

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Who can apply with us?

Scholars Abroad offers various volunteer and internship opportunities which can fit to anyone. Whether you are a recent graduate trying to find idea of your ideal job, a part time job holder trying to find new path in a new direction, or simply going for vacation, Scholars Abroad can help you to make your personal goals more organized and memorable. As a volunteer or Intern with Scholars Abroad you will have the opportunity to take part in a first-hand intercultural learning experience. Through their work with host organizations, volunteers can learn more about cultures and languages, develop leadership skills and take part in community development activities.